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Tags Corona-Einschränkungen

Tag: Corona-Einschränkungen

Covid-19: Corona-Einschränkungen retteten laut Forschern Millionen Leben

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Tien dingen die u vandaag moet weten: zaterdag 11 juli 2020

Ghislaine Maxwell appeals for bail over coronavirus risk Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyers have argued that she should be released on bail while awaiting trial for sex trafficking minors because of the risk of contracting coronavirus in prison. Maxwell, 58, was arrested on 2 July at her Bradford, New Hampshire, home. Her lawyers insisted that the British…

Rishi Sunak: de volgende Tory-leider in afwachting?

As recently as six months ago, few outside of the Westminster bubble had heard of Rishi Sunak.But since taking over from his mentor Sajid Javid at 11 Downing Street, Sunak has seen his status rocket amid widespread approval of his handling of the coronavirus economic fallout. Indeed, a poll last week put the free-spending chancellor’s approval…

Waarom er in Belgrado gewelddadige protesten zijn uitgebroken

Protesters have clashed with police in Belgrade in a third consecutive night of violence triggered by plans to reintroduce strict lockdown measures to tackle a surge in coronavirus infections.The protests “began peacefully on Tuesday evening and included students and families, angered by a move to re-impose a weekend curfew”, the BBC reports. But “Wednesday’s rally saw protesters hurl…

Er bestaat niet zoiets als pandemische soberheid voor miljardairs

Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus from the very start was more or less willful neglect, and lately, according to White House officials, he’s banking on that strategy for reelection. The administration’s plan, current and former staffers recently told The Washington Post, is to force the country to reopen in the hopes that going back…